Sridhar Subramanyam is Chief Technology Officer of
Rise-es Inc. His experience is in collaborative, knowledge intensive product design and development. He has a great feel for the engineer’s pain-points and a passion for making the process of engineering products simpler, intuitive and highly collaborative leading to the benefits of a social enterprise. is Rise-es Inc., partner providing the foundational tools for building scaffolds., with 100,000+ customers, is world’s leading enterprise cloud company that is leading the shift to the
Social EnterpriseTM.



Kannan Ramasamy is Chairman of Rise-es Inc. As an entrepreneur he works with great teams who have a deep understanding of what it takes to solve market problems and address customer pain points. His focus is to convert the scaffolds and Omni Transformer products and solutions into a successful business platform.





Andy Koilpillai is Global Business Development Director of Rise-es Inc. He has many interesting war stories to share in the PLM space. Coming at this problem from the market and customer lens, Andy came up with a cool wish list on how companies could bridge the social divide between the work people did the moment they walked into their engineering enterprises and the simple, easy to use, intuitive social applications.



OmniCAD is Rise-es Inc., product partner powering the
Omni Transformer’s cutting edge morphing solutions with applications across a variety of engineering
industrial segments.



Patrick Saul an Advisor to Rise-es Inc., focuses on developing the Asian/Far-East markets for scaffolds and Omni Transformer. He is an Executive with over 40 years of experience in Manufacturing, Manufacturing Engineering and Quality Processes. During his 38-year career with General Motors, Pat was recognized for the successful implementation of creative new technologies in manufacturing operations and for advancing GM’s Global Die Engineering Operations across North America, Europe, South America, China and Korea.



I-Peritus is part of the Rise-es Inc. network responsible for all configuration, development, implementation and support of the scaffolds application. I-Peritus valuable financial services and analytics experience can now be applied to other industries through the agile deployment of the scaffolds application.